Go on a Rocket Ride to Outer Space!

Come and explore all of the rockets of the Apollo Mission. Discover the Space Shuttle docked and ready for take off.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into faithfully recreating most of the rockets flown NASA and other space agencies right up to modern day times.

Space Flight

Take your own space ride into the aboard the Gemini V Rocket into the stars with the International Space Museum’s “Rocket Ride To Outer Space!”

Take the SL’s Premier Bus line, Gridhound, we’ll get you there safely with no lag.

Come back to the Bus Terminal for new designations being added on a regular basis. The Bus Terminal is located at White Star Airfield.

Have Fun !

Hazardous Waste Transported Through Public Airport


White Star Airfield had a hazardous materials scare today as a mysterious smoking container was found in the cargo storage area. Geiger counter readings were clearly above dangerous levels when tested by White Star fire officials. Sheriff’s office hazmat teams were called out to assist in the proper removal of the material. Sources at White Star Airfield had no comment, however manager Crim Mip was seen loading his pickup with two suitcases full of carrots.

New Aircraft Join Vulture Air’s Stable


Vulture Air will begin phasing out the aging ATR 42 aircraft from its fleet this week in favor of the updated ATX 72. The ATX 72 is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner built by the French aircraft manufacturer Erick Gregan Aircraft. Essentially a more powerful, stretched version of the ATR 42, this aircraft boasts many new features including all mesh construction.


The Boeing B727-100C is the long awaited combination aircraft from McKeehan Aviation. With its cargo containers in the forward section and 20 passenger seats in the rear, this 727 will prove to be a staple for GridEx as well as a good medium jet for Vulture Air.. Intended for short and medium-length flights, the 727 can use fairly short runways at smaller airports. It has three Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines below the T-tail, one on each side of the rear fuselage with a center engine that connects through an S-duct to an inlet at the base of the fin. The 727 is Boeing’s only tri-jet aircraft.

Vulture Air Documents Leaked!

The Vulture Air Operations Manual was leaked to the web this week by a mistake from a janitor at the Hollywood office. “It was on the screen and I dropped my broom on the keyboard,” he said as he was seen cleaning out his locker. Vulture Air Directors were tight lipped on the subject. Spokesperson Bloo Bayou said at a press conference, “While we are not happy that this information has gotten out, we’re confident that anyone reading this document will see firsthand why we are the top airline on the Grid.”

Skydive Flights Available

Vulture Air SkydiveWith the purchase of several Cessna Grand Caravans from Dani Aircraft, Vulture Air is now offering skydiving flights over the Blake Sea islands, Second Norway, and other locations.

After a short safety briefing and equipment check, a Vulture pilot will take the brave adventurers on a scenic flight. Then, when nearing the drop zone, the pilot will release the passengers for a free fall experience of your Second Lifetime.

Afterwards, a Vulture pilot will pick the jumpers up at the landing zone for a return flight. In some cases, a chase copter is assigned to the flight to recover jumpers that go off course.

Look for our announced skydiving flights on the Passengers of SL group, or contact Vulture Air to reserve your flight. While we’re “Always Circling,” you’ll free falling. Hat tip: Tom Petty.

Always Circling