Dave Gaffer

dave3Dave Gaffer is the Founder and President and Chief Executive Officer of Vulture Air. The original airline started with a simple bush plane, a DHC-2 Turbo Beaver, at Shepard’s Point Airfield. Later, a second location opened on the Blake Sea at the former Prague Airport. It was only a matter of time until Vulture Air grew to become the one of the largest and more active passenger airlines on the Second Life® Grid.

Dave got his start in various science fiction role playing areas. He has also served with distinction as a search and rescue helicopter pilot in the United States Navy of SL and the “Virtual Coast Guard.” Dave is an active helicopter pilot and the key pilot of the GridEx subsidiary.

Aircraft ratings: S&W (All), Dani D-109, Dani D-120, Dani D-300,
Redemption B727-100C



Always Circling