Hollywood Airport (SLHA)

Hollywood Airport is a major, dual-runway, public intercontinental airport. Built primarily in the ‘Santa Catalina’ region (with additional facilities in adjoining ‘Hollywood’), the airport is strategically located at the western edge of the Blake Sea and is consistently the busiest airport in Second Life. Hollywood is also home to the SLCG Santa Catalina Station.

Vulture Air calls Hollywood home in the form of our Operations Center. All pilot training takes place here and on the Blake Sea. All airline paint jobs are applied here and vendors for all issued gear comes from this office.

Vulture Air Mascot
Vinnie D. Vulture

The office is also home to Vinnie D. Vulture, our mascot. He’s a wise cracking old bird who’s not afraid to tell you exactly what’s on his mind. Step out of line, and Vinnie will quickly set you straight. He is seen routinely feasting on the carcasses of newbie pilots and the occasional eagle.


Always Circling

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