Second Norway (SLSN)

Second Norway Lufthavn is a major dual-runway public airport encompassing seven sim regions of the Second Norway Estate – a privately-operated group of sims in the eastern part of the Blake Sea. Since its restructuring in early 2015, the airport has become one of the largest operational airports in Second Life. It´s a home too for the Virtual Coast Guard (VCG) Vestnes Station, SAREMSUK, and the Scandinavian Coast Guard.

Vulture Air operates a check-in desk and passenger lounge at Terminal B, Gate B-2.

GridEx_LogoIn addition, the air and sea cargo sections in the Port of Sletta are home to the headquarters of GridEx, the cargo handling subsidiary of Vulture Air. GridEx flies parcel and cargo to all points around the Second Life® Grid. GridEx staff physically move items across region borders. Between airports, they use various aircraft. Over land, we’ll use trucks and the Linden Highway System. Whatever it takes, GridEx will get items to their destination. GridEx staff will never teleport unless there is no possible grid connection. All mainland continents of the SL Grid™ are served. Some private estates are also served, contact a GridEx representative for more information.

Always Circling

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