White Star Airfield (SLWS)

Vulture Air’s primary hub is located at White Star Airfield on the eastern coast of the Nautilus continent.

white star 1
Check-In Desk at White Star Airfield

White Star is also home to Vulture Air’s Maintenance Facility and our Passenger Lounge, which we lovingly named “Vinnie’s Nest.”

Drop in for a drink as you wait for your connection, or gaze out at the busy airport and the attractive scenery.

White Star features an Intercontinental Gate (A2) that connects the Nautilus continent to the Sansara continent and East River Intercontinental Airport via an airline ticket HUD and teleporter. . You may reach a whole new world of connecting flights through Gate A2, pick up a boarding pass and walk through.

Gridhound Station at White Star Airfield

Below the tarmac is home to the headquarters of Gridhound Lines. Gridhound sponsors Vulture’s Adventure Tours. Grab a ticket and choose a bus to one of four exciting adventures. Paleoquest, 1867 Luxembourg, Mystery Adventures at  Lutra City, and a Wilderness Adventure. Talk to your Vulture Air Flight Crew for more details.

Always Circling

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