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Skydive Flights Available

Vulture Air SkydiveWith the purchase of several Cessna Grand Caravans from Dani Aircraft, Vulture Air is now offering skydiving flights over the Blake Sea islands, Second Norway, and other locations.

After a short safety briefing and equipment check, a Vulture pilot will take the brave adventurers on a scenic flight. Then, when nearing the drop zone, the pilot will release the passengers for a free fall experience of your Second Lifetime.

Afterwards, a Vulture pilot will pick the jumpers up at the landing zone for a return flight. In some cases, a chase copter is assigned to the flight to recover jumpers that go off course.

Look for our announced skydiving flights on the Passengers of SL group, or contact Vulture Air to reserve your flight. While we’re “Always Circling,” you’ll free falling. Hat tip: Tom Petty.