Starbuckk Serapis

Starbuckk has been a member of SL since October 2005 counting a prior avatar. He has been a prominent member and administrator in multiple Battlestar Galactica oriented role play regions.

He joined Vulture Air in July 2015 and elevated to Director in February of 2016.

Aircraft ratings: Dani D-737, Dani D-300, Porter PC-6 (Carly), DSA King Air 90, EG ATX-72, DSA Model 10 Electrohawk, JM Duke, Shergood S-92, S&W 429.

Starbuckk is also a builder and scripter with products that include a modular space station system, the Starland Airline Pilot HUD and various space craft including the current flagship, the KH100.

Aviation blog: Starbuckk Serapis: Flying High in Second Life®




Always Circling

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