Juneau Regional Airport (SLJA)

Juneau Regional Airport is a public airport in the ‘Juneau South’ region of the Blake Passage – a group of sims which provide a link between the Blake Sea and Nautilus.

Sister airport to Hollywood Airport, Juneau Airport is a single-runway regional airport servicing propeller-based aircraft, seaplanes and small corporate jets. The facility is equipped with a mid-sized terminal building with airline check-in desks, and offers rental tie-down spaces and seaplane docking facilities.

Juneau is one of the more picturesque airports on the Grid, and certainly the best looking non-tropical airport out there. The terminal is rustic but perfectly functional, and the slightly angled runway presents a challenging approach for pilots.

Vulture Air operates a check-in desk. The airport is a popular waypoint along the route from the Blake Sea and Nautilus and further north to Corsica.


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