The Fine Print

Our announced flights are on a “pay what you want” system. If you enjoy your flight with Vulture Air, you may tip your flight crew. We love to fly and we pass our enjoyment on to others. Announced flight times are subject to change. Flight times are determined by availability of flight crew and current flight conditions within the travel area. Walk up “on demand” service is welcome depending on availability of flight crew and current flight conditions. Service to major airports is free and tip based.

Charter service is also available. Charter prices are set by our pilots at the time of arrangement and may require a deposit to reserve.

Part of the ‘risk’ of operating vehicles is that you roll the dice every 256 meters. Eventually, you will lose! Flight crew are not responsible for the unpredictability of sim crossings. Despite our vast experience in aviation, the “weather” (lag) can be precarious in regions which are full or high on textures, mesh, sculpts, prims or scripts. Vulture Air is not liable for lag, deformations, distortions, unseating, disconnections, viewer crashes or any other “Acts of Linden” which result of in a sudden disruption of travel. Air sickness bags, parachutes, flotation devices, prayer beads or plastic undergarments are available from your flight crew upon request.

Passengers must keep script time below .2 ms. A script scanner is available upon request. Passengers must adhere to flight crew instructions. Failure may result in a ban from future Vulture Air flights.

Always Circling

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