Baitoushan (SLBA)

Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport is a dual-runway public airport in the ‘Baitoushan’ region of south-western Corsica. A modern-style fixed platform airport, Baitoushan is the largest and oldest aviation facility on a continent known for smaller, short-lived airstrips.


It is the home base for “SL Aviation Magazine” and “Music to Fly By”. Both can be found at SL Aviation Network, providing programing dedicated to SL Aviation, and accompanies all of the widely popular “SL Grid Flights” facilitated and hosted by Deirdre Faulds’ .

Captain VinnieBaitoushan is the furthest North that Vulture Air has a facility on the Grid at this time. It is also home to one of our passenger lounges, known around the Grid as “Vinnie’s Nest.” Stop by and say hello to Vinnie and have a refreshing beverage.


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